Some words about olive oil

Olive Oil and Its Color

Green Colored Olive Oil:
This will probably have been made from green olives which have been collected before having ripened and sometimes, the color is a result of other factors, too.
Usually, green-colored olive oil is more pepper-like in taste.
It can be used for cooking pulses and vegetables, game or meat, although it is a matter of personal choice.
Golden-Yellow Olive Oil:
This probably comes from olives that had started to turn reddish or black.
It generally has a milder taste, more fruity and gives off a variety of aromas.
The smell may be reminiscent of fruit or vanilla.
This is the oil usually chosen by chefs especially when cooking fish.
But all these points are matters of personal choice.
Good extra virgin olive oil can be used for many purposes, even for sweets or cakes.
In traditional Greek cooking, only olive oil is used for this baking and the oil is generally of a very high standard.